Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vogue Knitting - Fall 2009

I have a love/hate relationship with Vogue Knitting. I love the featured articles, especially when they feature trends from Fashion Week.

I am often disappointed in the patterns, though. You would think that a publisher like Vogue would have designs straight off the runways. Not so.

My other observation about the magazine is that it is filled with "show-off" knits. Knits that the majority of knitters would never attempt to tackle. Out of all of the knitters that I know, and that is a considerable amount, I only know of one person who has knit a sweater out of the magazine.

Don't think I'm hatin' on Vogue. Quite the contrary! I just wish they would tune up the fashion and tone down the difficulty. That being said, let's look at the most recent issue.

Going Seamless: Part One in this month's issue is worth the the $6.99. It shows you how to take a garment that is knitted flat and turn it into a seamless garment. Brilliant!

The editors definitely hit the nail on the head as far as trendy colors for fall: orange, gold, beige, grey.

I like both of the berets on the bottom. The slouchy beret seems to be the "it" hat for fall and winter.

That's about it! There are a lot of beautiful sweaters in this issue, just none that are calling to me.

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  1. I'm glad it's out! I love seeing the pics, even if I'm not going to knit any of the sweaters. I do agree with you -- but I have one in my queue that I just might start soon......